About Afristyle Media

Afristyle Media is a privately owned Internet Service Provider (ISP), which endeavours to provide its clients with the best service around. We have been in the Internet Hosting and Advertising market since 1999.

The company started with the development of its own website community in 1999. This community was focussed on the outdoor market and was known as 4x4Africa.com. We started with advertising on the 4x4Africa website and soon started to offer website hosting to our advertising clients as we aquired our own webserver.

With our skills in the webdesign and development field we soon expanded the scope of the company to include these markets. Our focus could not stay on the 4x4 market, so we were obliged to change our name from 4x4Africa.com to Afristyle Media.

Embracing the Open Source movement, Afristyle Media only host its websites and email on the latest Linux operating systems.